GOALS FOR 2016/17

Fulfilling our goals set for 2015-16 we are moving ahead by expanding to other states like Orissa, Assam & Tripura. We will be relocating our Kolkata Unit close to Kolkata in order to be closer to our customers. We are planning to install Heat Set Web along with latest generation binding unit from Muller Martini. This will keep Darpan ahead of competition and prove it’s supremacy and expertise in the industry.

With our units in Orissa, Tripura and Assam, Darpan will be the No.1 printing solution provider in the whole of Eastern India. The experienced, dedicated and hard working team is always ready to caterto the needs of the customers.

Today is the world of diversification and following on the same path we are on the process of stepping into the packaging industry on a large scale. Observing and analyzing the flow of many pharmaceutical companies coming into the North-East region and setting up their production units here would definitely prove fruitful for us. Other than the pharmaceuticals, there are many industries within North Eastern India who require packaging services and are ready to get them out-sourced.